Can Floaters Be Removed By Laser?

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One of the most common experiences that is shared by most people out there is that of eye floaters. Chances are that you have seen a few of them as well, and if you think that you haven’t that’s likely because your brain has stopped you from noticing them and is instead focusing on the things that your eye is aimed at once all has been said and is now out of the way. Regardless of whether or not you notice them, floaters exist in your eye and over time they can clump up as fibrous elements in your eye’s fluid join together and create obstructions that can block things from your view.

The vitreous fluid in your eye is supposed have the consistency of jelly, but as you grow older it will become looser and more akin to a flowing liquid. This makes the floaters more pronounced, but you can use a laser floater procedure to make them less of a hassle than might have been the case otherwise. The reason behind this is that the laser can break the floaters up and clear your vitreous fluid.

They might come back again after a few years, but this is not a dangerous procedure so you can keep getting it done whenever you feel like your eye floaters are becoming too much to handle. This just goes to show that regular visits to an eye doctor are just as important as going to someone that practices internal medicine. Floaters might seem innocuous at the very beginning, but they will keep getting bigger and harder to ignore and they can sometimes cause accidents by disturbing your vision all in all.

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