Drunk Driving: It’s Not Just About You

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Cars are an incredibly useful commodity and they have made our lives very easy and convenient if we think about it. However, it is also important to remember that cars are dangerous and a lot of responsibility rests on our shoulders every time we decide to get behind the wheel and drive on the road. We are moving tons of metal around, and accidents caused by collisions between tons of metal against each other or on public property can get messy. You ideally want to be alert and careful whenever you are driving. Driving when you are not sober, is one of the most reckless things you can do. It is an incredibly careless act that can not only hurt you but also have an impact on others.

We have all come across stories on the news, the internet, or have personally heard accounts from people talking about how their lives changed for the worse because of someone’s drunk driving. People have gotten serious and even crippling injuries for being in the wrong place at the wrong time when they have had collisions with drunk drivers that were not doing their part. People have lost their lives to the reckless actions of drunk drivers and this has led to families getting torn apart, losing their livelihood, and generally having their entire lives changed.

You are not only putting yourself at risk when you decide to drive when you are not sober, you are also putting other innocent people in danger for doing nothing. They should not have to suffer because of a reckless decision you make. So, do not get behind the wheel when you know you are not sober or have been drinking. Call someone, share a ride, call a taxi. Do anything but drive here.

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