How to Change Thumbnail on Facebook Video

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People that work in marketing as well as those that create online content for a living generally tend to upload videos to Facebook on a more or less regular basis. You can find a lot of eager viewers on this platform and suffice it to say that Facebook is the new frontier for people that want to break out of the rather restrictive boxes that places like YouTube tend to force you into, and that is not something that you are ever going to want to miss out on.

That said, there are some things about Facebook video that a lot of people don’t like. For one thing, it’s pretty common for Facebook to automatically select a thumbnail for you, and you might not like that. The reason behind this is that the automated thumbnail can often be really random, and choosing one yourself can make it more effective. People that know como bajar videos de facebook won’t care about this much, but your online viewers are definitely going to find it off putting if the thumbnail is weird.

Just go into your video library and click on the edit option that’s next to the video. There will be a thumbnail section within this editor, and you should consider selecting the Manual option in this section. You will then be able to either select a thumbnail from the frames within the video or you can potentially upload one that you have made yourself. A customized thumbnail can draw more viewers to your video which is what you need right now.

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