Read This Before Scheduling a Carpet Cleaning Session

carpet cleaning methods pros and cons

Hiring a professional is always the right way to get your carpets cleaned properly. There are several reasons why DIY carpet cleaning is not the right way to clean your expensive carpets.

Let’s go through a few things you should keep in mind when scheduling a best carpet cleaning session.

Know The Average Costs

To avoid getting overcharged by a service provider, you must know the average cost for carpet cleaning services in your area. You can ask your carpet cleaner about how you calculate the final price of your cleaning job. Some companies charge by square feet, and others give you a flat rate by sending an expert and calculating the amount of carpets you have in your house.

No matter what cleaning technique your carpet company is using, they must charge you close to the average price charged by other companies in your area.

Prefer Hot Water Extraction

When it comes to using the right way to clean your carpets, hot water extraction is undoubtedly the best method to clean every type of carpet. Therefore, you should make sure that your carpet cleaning service provider is using the same method to clean your carpets as well.

In addition to hot water extraction, this effective method is also called steam extraction method. Both of these methods are exactly the same.

Know When Dry Cleaning is Needed

In dry cleaning, far less water is used as compared to hot water extraction. This way, the drying time of your carpets becomes less. Therefore, whenever you need your carpets ready quickly before a gathering, or you are getting your carpets cleaned in the winter season, using dry cleaning will be the best option for you.

These were some points you need to keep in mind before Scheduling a carpet cleaning session.

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