Which Head is For Pressure Washing Concrete

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Pressure washing a smooth and hard surface can be one of the easiest things in the world, but the whole practice tends to look a lot more complicated if you look into concrete based surfaces that are a great deal more porous than what you might have gotten used to as of late. You see, concrete can be a very contradictory type of material, one that can simultaneously absorb water which might make you dial the pressure back but at the same time it also needs a lot of pressure otherwise there is no way to confirm that the dirt removal would be on part with your expectations without a shadow of a doubt.

In order to contend with the challenge that we are facing, a delicate balance must be reached. Most pressure washing companies near me would agree that you need a lot of pressure to wash concrete, but at the same time they recognize that this pressure can create streaks and scars along the surface if they are not careful. That is why they so often look into spreading the pressure out by choosing the right head.

The red head gives you the most concentrated pressure jet, whereas the green one spreads it out the most. Using the red head for a few minutes and then switching to the green one will be the best course of action that you could have ever taken in this regard. The red nozzle helps you pierce the waterproof grease layer on top, and the green nozzle helps you wash the grease away once it has been loosened up enough to make that a reality.

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